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    Sound Village

    Post  emister on Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:24 pm

    Kage(60mil hp and capped jounin)-

    Sage(appointed by kage)-

    Sannin 1(appointed by kage)-

    Sannin 2(appointed by kage)-

    sannin 3(appointed by kage)-

    Hunter-nin1(Appoint by kage OR Admins) -

    Hunter-nin2(Appoint by kage OR Admins) -

    Hunter-nin3(Appoint by kage OR Admins) -

    AnbuCAP(appointed by kage)-

    Anbu 1(appointed by kage)-

    Anbu 2(appointed by kage)-

    Anbu 3(appointed by kage)-

    Jounins:(auto after winning chunnin)

    Chunnins:(winning chunnin exam or by special efforts)

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