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    Kage\Org Tourney Rules


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    KageOrg Tourney Rules

    Post  emister on Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:41 pm

    1. Same as chunnin rules -----------------------------------------> http://emisternbols.forumotion.com/misc-f5/chunnin-rules-t38.htm#38
    2. No flying
    3. Garra Freeze and Waterfall justu...."kyuu" is allowed. BUT only for it's following attack (EX. Using Kyuu for sousou for both parties)
    4. Sharigan conuter is limited to 3 per match.
    5. Defence is allowed EXPECT for AKI roll (only 1 roll per match)
    6. No demons
    7. Rasegan is chidori IS allowed HOWEVER. you can only use 50k charka per use.
    8. tentens can use homing unless they have sub clan

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