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    Elemental Gods Rank.


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    Elemental Gods Rank.

    Post  emister on Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:19 pm

    Rules for Elemental God rank.....

    There are only 3 ranks.....coming this may......the 3 deadly gods\goddesses shall be chosen...

    Nature God
    Sky God
    Water God

    We will only do this ONCE.....rules is to win the one wish tourney to fight my Emister (Host acconut) and beat him (no glitch moves *cough* sonzai) with certains rules in place other than that....

    How to get Elemental God rank....
    1. Capped Kage
    2. 150m hp
    3. Defeat sucessfully 3 kages in a row(Note....you can only try this once every 3 days)

    Nature God...
    They get many benfits.....of course they have to power to control EVERYTHING in Grass,Leaf,Rock Village
    Also they get the capped to 3500 and can even replace kages if wish....
    (note you must be in grass,leaf, or rock to obtain nature god)

    Sky God....ruler of every that flies.
    They control everything in Sound, Cloud, Sand, and star.
    Cap is 3500 and replace every kage in the village
    (Note you must be in sound,cloud, sand, and star to win)

    Water God.....Rules of the seas...
    They control the Rain, Waterfall, and mist village, and snow
    Cap is 3500 and replace every kage in their villages.

    You can recive the following boosts....

    1 extra clan

    and also 2 extra jutsus of there wish

    let's see who are the gods of the sever.

    Demi-God Rank(thank jay for this)

    Capped-sage with 100m hp

    Cap is 3k.

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