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    How to Earn Each rank


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    How to Earn Each rank

    Post  emister on Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:36 pm

    Genin-Sometimes we may give out free genin if not finish the test it's easy.

    Chunnin- Win Chunnin exam or do something very well as a genin (like killing a fox)

    Jounin- auto after capped chunnin

    Anbu- You must be appointed by kage in which HE MUST GIVE A TEST which of course will be provided (we only give 2 out of the 3 parts your kage makes up the last one) or go by NPC kage in which your kage does NOT have permission to remove under any circumstances. Only 3 Anbu per village. Also IF YOU ALREADY HAVE 3 ANBU'S BUT NO KAGE!!!!! You must WAIT until you either get a kage OR a spot is open. (your kage and add requirments.)

    AnbuCAP- Must be voted with 3 kages AND\OR 3 Admins (which means 2 kages and 1 admin does count has 3 votes) to be promoted as Anbu-cap only 1 Anbucap is allowed per village. IF Theres Already a ANBU-CAP YOU MUST WAIT!!!! UNTIL The spot is open. (your kage and add requirments.)

    Hunter-nin-1.5k missing kills.

    Sannin- ask kage

    Sage- ask kage

    Kage- 35m hp and 35m chakra and be capped* jounin or higher.

    Org Leader- 15m hp and charka with capped* missing and 500 kills.

    Special org's- Granted by only Emister, Miz, or Landyn.

    SS7- Must be Capped* Sage and 50m hp

    Demi-god-capped* sage and 100 hp

    Elemental God - Capped* Kage and 150m Hp (Cap is 3500)

    *(ALL caps even when Lee)

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